Fescom Engineering was founded by combining the experiences of a team that has realized major projects in many different points of the world.

We provide a wide range of services to our customers from structured cabling to network solutions, from fire alarm detection system to IP CCTV system, from access control system to IP phone system, data center solution to LAN/WAN network system, from network security system to emergency & public announce system to the 24/7 support service of all the systems we install.


Our Solutions

Data Structured Cabling System

The structured cabling system used should be carried out as infrastructure work in campuses, offices and desks in order to convey information datas.

LAN/WAN Network System

Today, due to complex business applications and environments, much more service and performance is expected from network infrastructures than before.

Fire Alarm Detection System

When the needs increase with the powerful and flexible system architecture or when new sections are added to the building, the systems can expand or communicate directly with the systems to be added.

IP CCTV System

Video Survaillance systems, regardless of size, in any building complex, indoor or outdoor, remote or close environment with the highest quality systems, the lowest cost and provides the most effective method of monitoring.

Access Control and Security Mangament System

The systems are specially designed for each building according to the place to be used, security needs, number of users, etc.

IP Telephone Exchange

In-house telephone exchanges are commonly called PBX (Private Branch Exchange). The PBX is the customer-owned telephone exchange. The customer also manages that telephone exchange.

Data Center and Infrastuctured System

The area that will serve as data center needs a place which are web servers, data center equipment can be located comfortably and technical staff can work comfortably enough to design large corridors.

Network Security System

Security layers on your network mean that the valuable information you use to conduct your business is available to you and protected against threats.

Emergency & Public Announce System

Emergency & Public Announce System is used for broadcasting music in buildings and evacuating people in emergencies.

Perimeter Security System

Purpose of perimeter security systems; industrial facilities, special status or military areas, large-scale private lands to secure all kinds of entry and sabotage attempts.

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